Thursday, December 20, 2018

New Year Blessing / 5779-2019

Releasing the Blessing...
This is from my Facebook Live on 12/18/18 on The Woman2Woman Ministry group page. I thought I'd share this with everyone as a blessing for the New Year to come. In this special video lesson, I am releasing the blessing of the Lord for the year 5779, also known as 2019. "Behold, God will REVEAL the POWER of His Name and the STRENGTH of His Word this year as He SURROUNDS YOUR LIFE with GOOD!" God will BIRTH something new in your life this year as you participate with Him though prayer, fasting, giving, and worship. You must BELIEVE HIM for the 100 fold blessing, creative miracle and/or promise coming to pass your life. He is a GOOD GOD and He wants to surround you with His goodness as you step into His presence each and everyday, expecting Him to reveal His power. You will receive in proportion to your faith. You will receive in proportion to your giving. You will receive in proportion to your worship. You will receive in proportion to your FIRE! Holiness is the state of being separated for the things of God. Your life needs to smell like a sweet fragrance to the world and your life must smell like a sweet aroma that reaches the nostrils of God. Get Ready! Give Ear! Listen! Walk in the 9 Gifts of the Spirit. If God calls these gifts GOOD, don’t argue with Him. Get rid of your fears and your preconceived ideas about these gifts. He wants you to walk in the supernatural POWER of His Name and His Word! Develop your fruit! Live in the 9 Fruit of the Spirit on a daily basis. These fruit are God’s GOOD blessings to others - through you. The Fruit of the Spirit must shine through your life as you walk in faith, expecting a visitation from the Lord. God gives GOOD GIFTS to His children as they give GOOD GIFTS to others. 5779 - 2019!

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