Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Jezebel Spirit

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The Jezebel Spirit only has power over us if we tolerate it.
  • It is rooted in rejection.
  • It is controlling because the person "fears" rejection.
  • This Spirit always wants to be next to the person in authority.
  • Jezebel creates exhaustion in leaders.
  • Jezebel brings confusion in the church.
  • Jezebel seeks to make leaders want to quit, die, hide, and withdraw.

Jezebel Is:



Seducing & Blinding

Self Appointing

Unrightfully Gains Authority

Refuses to Repent

Desires to rule Over Men

Turns Facts Around

False Testimonies

Turns People Against Each Other

Is a Religious Spirit

Desires to Openly and Publicly Accuse Someone

Seeks to Make Someone Feel Guilty

Hysterical When Exposed

Seeks to Persecute and Kill The Prophets





A Synonym for a Wicked Woman

Dictionary Meaning = Un-Husbanded

More About Jezebel:

A Jezebel Spirit can manifest in a man or a woman.

This spirit is not necessarily feminine, rather it is controlling and it is in rebellion toward the holiness of God, the authority of Christian leaders, hates protocol and can appear to be a humble Christian but there will always be a thread of disruption toward God's leaders.

A Jezebel Spirit hates rejection and so it will do anything to elevate itself, even if it means pulling someone else down.

Jezebel seeks to get next to Christian leaders as in an amour-bearer, assistant, co-leader, etc. for the purpose of gaining status and ultimately dethroning God's anointed.

Jezebel gains momentum controlling men but will also seek to control women.

Jezebel will loudly deny and run from exposure by first trying to flip the situation so that the innocent person looks guilty.

Jezebel hates authority.

Jezebel always has a better way.

Jezebel is mouthy.

Jezebel is controlling and manipulative.

Jezebel can be a nice person who has been deeply injured as a child and so as an adult they try to manipulate and control situations and people in an effort to not get hurt again.

The problem with a Jezebel Spirit is when they DO NOT REPENT.

Until they repent they can be dangerous; in that, they destroy innocent people who come across their path with their wrong motives.

THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE:  If anyone having a Jezebel Spirit recognizes their behavior, repents from wrong motives and wrong actions, and "wholeheartedly seeks deliverance," God will heal them! 
  • Jezebels should seek to be made whole while there is grace for repentance.
  • Jezebels who do not repent will be thrown from their high and haughty view and ultimately consumed by the dogs. 

More Reading:

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