Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Strongholds of the Mind

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What is an ungodly stronghold?

Strongholds of the Mind are thoughts, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and opinions... that are lies, yet we esteem them as truth.
An ungodly stronghold is a mental fortress of defense. We must allow God’s Word to demolish these strongholds in order to receive the full benefits of our Salvation.
Strongholds can develop from experiences that have hurt us, magnified us, disappointed us or failed us. They are also developed from LIES we’ve chosen to accept as truth from our culture, our family heritage or out of our own personal bends toward certain sins (iniquity).
An ungodly stronghold is a wrong cause or belief that is strongly defended or upheld - even when the truth has been revealed.
Strongholds must be torn down by a willingness to transform the mind according to God’s Word.
Watch this episode of Choose Life with Deborah Ross. Robin M Bertram is my guest as we discuss how to get rid of Strongholds of the Mind.

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