Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Good Deeds

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Isn't it strange how we sometimes find ourselves in a place of feeling like we are OK with God - just because we made the check list of good deeds for the day. Then again, oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling inadequate as a Christian - because we failed to "do" all the things we intended.

Child of God, it's wonderful to rest in the LOVE OF GOD. By simply surrendering your life, meditating on His Word and fellowshipping with Him in prayer, God promises that the Holy Spirit will be your helper... your teacher... your compass... your comforter... your friend...

My sweet friend, when you truly rest in the LOVE OF GOD, there is no glory in the works of the flesh. There is no need to worry - "did I" do enough, "did I" say enough, or "did I" be enough.

The Holy Spirit of God reveals Himself through the fragrant fruit that emanates from a life that is not only trusting in the Master, but also one who is eager to please the Him in a spirit of humility.

A peaceful countenance is more precious than all the "works" your flesh can ever muster up.

So, if you are trying hard to be a good Christian. If you are trying hard to please people. If you are trying hard to win God's approval - to win His favor...

I've got good news for your today.


By only laboring to live in the power of the Holy Spirit, all other labor becomes joy! The Holy Spirit will not just empower you to "do," "say" and "act" right... He will also add an abundance of JOY in the midst of it all.

So for today, I'm challenging you to LIVE in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT.


Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you to over-flowing so that your life will spill out rivers of joy in everything you do!

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