Monday, April 3, 2017

Generously Scatters!

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Scattering Love, Resources, Time, Money... ???

Boy, how often do we, even as Christians, think that's wasteful. It's often perplexing to think of how God commands us to be givers, with a promise that He will always supply our need.

I have found so many versions, so many slants, so many opinions - about God's law of sowing and reaping - to be discouraging and, quite frankly, exhausting. 

In the Kingdom of God, things are completely backwards from the things of this world. In God's Kingdom, giving brings abundance. In the worlds economy, "keeping" means abundance.

In fact, many Christians have such a hard time with this principle that they form doctrines that they unknowingly hold onto "tighter" than the goodness of God's Word!

Friend, the ultimate example of giving that resulted in a massive harvest is the life of Christ. God "gave" His Son, so that millions of sons and daughters would come to know Him. In our human intellect, that makes no sense.

But, even if you are a "good Christian" who has accepted this to be true, the question still remains, do you believe that God's principles are the same in every aspect of life? Or, do you compartmentalize God's principles so that you can pick and choose which ones to accept as absolute truth - because, after all, "you've got this" in that particular area.

Precious friend, the principle of SCATTERING (giving liberally) is a supernatural way of living that few will ever experience. Whether because of faulty doctrine, greed, temptation, justification, intellect, jealousy or manipulation, many will miss out on the goodness of God's exceeding abundance.

Like Joshua and Caleb, I want to believe that God says I can live in the land of milk and honey.

Moses sent twelve men to spy out the land of Canaan. They all saw the same thing with their natural eyes, but only two of the men understood that God said it was theirs. The other men feared that God didn't "really mean" it was theirs because they saw other people already living there who were giants. They rationalized, "Why would God give this land to us when these people already live there... and they are much bigger than us?"

So anyway... That's just a tidbit of how our human intellect gets in the way of the Holy Spirit.

So the encouragement for today is that you live a life that SCATTERS!

Scatter your love, scatter your time, scatter your resources and scatter your finances. The Holy Spirit will tell you how, when and where. Then, JUST DO IT! And... watch God increase all the more!

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