Friday, November 17, 2017

The Book of Acts

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The Acts of the Holy Spirit

The church is birthed, empowered and commissioned through the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.

While Jesus tells over 500 of His followers to go and wait for the Holy Spirit (after His death but before His ascension), only 120 had a desire to seek more!

Why is it that the Holy Spirit seems to be the most neglected of the Holy Trinity?

Maybe it is because man cannot control the Holy Spirit?

Sometimes the supernatural makes people uncomfortable....

But, God is a Spirit.

We must be willing to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

And, the Truth is that the Holy Spirit works miracles!

The Spirit of God sets the captives free.

The Holy Spirit speaks through utterances that cannot be spoken by words.

The Holy Spirit heals.

The Holy Spirit teaches.

The Holy Spirit empowers men with Spiritual Gifts!

The Holy Spirit of God is in YOU if you believe.

Read the book of Acts and be set on FIRE for Kingdom work.

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