Friday, September 15, 2017

Break the Spirit of Religion

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Loving Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your Son, relying only on His finished work on the Cross for me and proclaiming my complete dependence upon Him.

Please forgive every way I have sinned against you, others or myself. I receive your forgiveness. Thank you that I am covered in Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

In the name of Jesus, I repent and renounce every opening, known or unknown that my ancestors or I have given to any spirit of religion in my family line. I repent and renounce every spirit of religion or religious spirit, and every work of darkness connected with it.

Father God, I repent for not fully receiving your love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness. I renounce the belief that you are distant, unkind or judgmental. I choose to know you intimately and embrace the truth of all you are.

In the name of Jesus, I repent of being led by any spirit other than the Holy Spirit.

I repent of relying on my own intellect in worship, prayer, spiritual warfare or study of the Bible. In the name of Jesus I repent and renounce all legalism, traditions and religious formulas, and dullness and hardness of heart to the things of God.

I now choose to invite the Holy Spirit to come and soften my heart and enlarge my spirit and soul to accommodate all God wants for me. Come, Holy Spirit.

I repent and renounce every person’s opinion of me that is different from my heavenly Father’s.

I repent and renounce all compromises of my attitude toward sin. I repent of covering or excusing sin, for not confessing sin, for not receiving correction and for being defensive and rationalizing my sin.

I repent and renounce all deception and self-deception, hypocrisy, pride, arrogance and self-righteousness.

I repent and renounce all comparison, judgment, criticism, judgmental or critical spirit, gossip, envy and anger.

I repent and renounce all persecution and slander of those (who should have been) controlled by the Holy Spirit, especially any leader who had authority over me.

I repent and renounce every act of rebellion that reinforced the spirit of religion.

I repent and renounce all fears that caused me to allow the religious spirit into my life. I renounce the lie that I need to work to earn my Father’s love and acceptance.

I come out of agreement with the enemies of Most High God in every area and choose to come into agreement with the true Living God. I declare my submission to God and his Word and ask the Holy Spirit to keep me in alignment with his plans, purposes and ways.

In the name of Jesus, I now break every other legal right, known or unknown, for the spirit of religion to stay in my life or my family’s life.

Father God, I humbly ask for the blood of Jesus Christ, my Savior, to cleanse me from all the sins I have confessed and renounced. I receive your cleansing and forgiveness.

Father, thank you for your forgiveness and grace. Please, fill me with your love and restore all that was lost or stolen, Thank you for your Holy Spirit who fills, guides and restores me. Come into the center of my life, Lord Jesus, and rule in me.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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