Thursday, December 22, 2016

Making America Great Again!

Making America Great Again... one life at a time!

Yes, people who know God, study His word, and are free from the demons of their past represent Americans who vote!

While the election may be over, the work has just begun!

Join our mission to impact culture, by bringing hope and healing to THOSE AROUND YOU who are desperate for a life-line.

Deborah Ross Ministries, Inc., touched millions of lives last year through national conferences, radio, TV, books, prison outreach, one-to-one mentoring, Internet outreach and through local classes. We saw over 250 professions of faith, over 50 marriages healed, and we layed hands on over 500 hurting souls with personal prayer for healing and deliverance in 2016.

YOU can make a difference in the lives of those you pass by on the streets, those you work with, those you go to church with, your neighbor and, perhaps, even a family member. DRM is Saving Souls. Transforming Lives. Healing Hearts, Minds and Marriages with THE WORD.


Thank you for your prayerful gift of any amount. 100% of all donations goes toward soul winning, discipleship, 911 marriage rescue, prison outreach, radio outreach, printed materials outreach and more.

That's how we Make America Great Again! Give them hope, help and healing... and above all... LOVE!

Thank you so much for helping us continue our mission to impact YOUR WORLD with the good news of Christ!

Together, we can reach even more SOULS in 2017!


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