Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Popular Quotes by Deborah Ross

FORGIVENESS is a PROCESS that begins with a DECISION.

It's better to die in FAITH than to live in fear, doubt and unbelief.

It's better to die while believing to be healed, than to live while believing to die.

God wants YOUR FAMILY whole!

God wants YOU whole!

God is FOR your marriage!

Somebody must go FIRST.

Obedience to God's Word creates fertile ground for a miracle!

God hates divorce because divorce hurts people.  He does NOT hate divorced people.

In marriage, there are no "what if's"; there is only "what is."

A pattern of dissatisfaction is probably a result of bad choices.  Change your thinking and change your direction.  Follow Him.

The little choices we make each day either fertilize our God-given destiny or breed road blocks, dead ends and detours in our journey.

Church: Do we go to be seen of people; or, do we go to see God?

When you fall in love with Jesus, your spouse will notice.

Broken people do broken things.

Sinners sin.  That's all they know.

It's better to reach for the stars and only make it to the moon, than to never leave earth.
(Vision, Purpose, Destiny)

The little choices we make each day make up the sum total of our life as it is right now.

Life is about CHOICES.

We aren't set free from the bondage of sin only to become entangled with religion.


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