Thursday, November 1, 2018

God: Is He Conservative or Liberal?

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Is God conservative or liberal?

Some would say, which God are you talking about? The God of the Christian, the God of the Jew, the God of the Muslim or the God that I choose to believe in?

For the sake of finding truth, let's say, "all of the above."

Most mainstream religions (and, quite frankly most people) believe in monotheism - the belief that there is only one God. Much to the surprise of the Jehovah Witnesses, as well as the Jewish and Muslim communities, Christians also believe in only One God.

Having said that, when I use the name Jesus in this article, please don't conclude that I am only talking about the Christian faith. While I am, personally, a Christian, I am writing this article to try and bring truth - truth from One God, the God of all creation - into view.

I have found that Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews and Muslims all believe in Jesus as a prophet, they simply differ in their belief of His deity. This article is not a debate about Jesus. This article is a thought provoking post about the One True God of all humanity - no matter your religion - and His ultimate desire for this world and, especially, for human beings in particular.

As a human being on planet earth who believes that God loves all people and He wants the best for all people, I am writing this article to bring about "thought" in the minds of those who either don't practice any religion, at all; or perhaps, who do have faith in God but they have not considered the end result of God's ultimate purpose and plan - His desire for all mankind.

I hope that whether you are a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or of some other faith, you will think soberly about the content of this article before concluding your opinion of what you believe to be the remedy for the evils of society.

Here is my article...


Jesus (whether you believe in him as prophet or as deity) liberally loves all people but He conservatively hates sin and hypocrisy. His life on earth was a visual demonstration of God’s will.

Jesus never condemned the humble, nor turned His back on broken humanity. He did, however, openly condemn those whose “motives” were wrong. 

In fact, in Matthew 21, Jesus angrily overturned the tables of those who were selling doves to be used in sacrifices at the temple. In this same chapter He also spoke a curse onto a fig tree because it did not produce fruit for Him. Again, in Matthew 23, we see Jesus openly condemning hypocrisy and even going so far as calling the teachers of the law and the Pharisees (religious leaders) "snakes and a brood of vipers." 

Jesus would look straight through a person to expose the heart (the root) of the matter.

Everything that Jesus did was the will of God.

God is the same from Genesis to Revelation of the Holy Bible.

For the Christian, Jesus did not come to condemn the law but to fulfill the law. Nonetheless, the law is still God’s standard, because without the grace of God - (for the Christian, the blood of Jesus that only covers humble hearts of repentance) - the law remains in effect.

Satan, himself, tried to use the Word to tempt Jesus. But, because Jesus knew the meaning of the Word better than Satan, Jesus could not be led astray.

In fact, all faiths who believe in the account of the Garden of Eden should be able to easily see how the devil twisted God's Word against Eve when the serpent said, "Did God really say that you would surely die?" The deception was to create confusion, doubt, justification and rationalization in Eve's mind so that she would truly believe (at least for the moment) that it was okay for her to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, although God had clearly said earlier that it was forbidden. Eve probably had a sense of peace (although it was not true peace) when she made the decision to eat of the fruit.

The devil (you might think of him as an evil force) has been twisting God’s Word in the minds of all humanity since the Garden of Eden. Satan (the devil - the worker of evil) is a master deceiver and he is attempting to twist God's Holy Word, still today, in the minds of any human being who does not fully understand the character of God as both Loving and, yet, a Righteous Judge.

God loves people. His judgements are always for the purpose of turning sinful humanity back to Himself in truth and righteousness.

The wages (penalty) of all sin is death.

God does not want humanity to die mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically - not individually, or as a family, place of worship, community, state or nation. (Hence, heaven is the ultimate escape from death. I call the way to heaven The Remedy for the wages of sin.)

Unfortunately, because all of humanity lives in a sinful world, we will all die (from this earth) one day - unless Jesus, Messiah comes back before that day comes.

For a moment, let's compare sin to cancer. Cancer secretly works, destroying good cells and overtaking body tissue with bad cells. Like cancer, you don’t always see sin or feel sin until it is too late.

Much like sin, oftentimes radical measures must be taken in order to eradicate cancer. Initially, these uncomfortable, painful, radical, cell-killing procedures can seem much worse than the cancer itself; but, the end result is intended to bring health and healing to the patient as well as the family members who have been traumatized by the secret mission of cancer.

In the same way, God will use seemingly radical measures, radical people and radical judgements to eradicate the sin that is ultimately killing humanity. His end result is righteousness, peace, joy, health, healing, prosperity and love.

In fact, God will even use people who have a form of godliness, people who are new converts, people of opposing faiths, and those who don't know or believe in Him, at all, to accomplish His divine plan for all of humanity.

Yes, the God of all creation will use circumstances, situations, governments and kings to accomplish His ultimate plan.

He is a loving, yet righteous, judge. He does not wink at rebellion, wrong motives, deceived hearts nor twisted scripture (those who twist His Holy Word to fit their own agenda).

With God - Who is the creator of the universe and the One who allows us to breathe the breath of life...

Right will always be right.

Wrong will always be wrong.

So when it comes to truth, it really doesn’t matter how we view God, it only matters Who He is.

He is.


Christian, would you honestly say that Jesus would confirm the sinful behavior of a people group as the standard for a community?

Those of any belief, would you honestly say that “your God” (whatever religion you practice) would want humanity to be broken, rebellious, confused, law breaking or manipulative for the sake of appeasing human weaknesses?

As a person with common sense, do you honestly believe that a band-aide can fix a broken bone?

Citizen, can you honestly say that skin color, gender, personality or political party is not a factor in your zeal for promoting your opinion of how government should rule?

We should all agree that God loves all people in every corner of the world because for us to judge God's love for any other race of people, we place ourselves on the throne and say that we are God.

We should all agree that doing things the right way ultimately gives God glory and brings all of humanity from all parts of the world into truth and righteousness which ultimately brings peace, joy, health, healing, stability, harmony, prosperity and well-being to everyone.

In conclusion, would you honestly say that God is a conservative or a liberal?


PS - The religions that I listed all agree on the fundamental definition of SIN. So, let's not use that as a crutch for justifying the twisted truth that the enemy of humanity has whispered into our ears.

We can choose to label sin as sickness, how God made me, disease or even our personal belief system; but, the fact still remains that God is the final judge of all creation and we will all die one day to face Him.

Even if you choose to believe that God does not exist, you have an inner knowing of right and wrong. And friend, if any of the religions in the world who believe that there is a God are right about His existence and His standard, you will not have a choice once you die. It will be too late to change your mind.

What we choose to believe carries no weight in the quest for TRUTH.

Truth is God. 

God is truth.

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