Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Letter to My Brothers by Beth Moore

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My traveling assistant, Sonia George, who also follows Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministry, knows me well. She understands the cry of my heart and the passion of my calling. She see's the fruit of my ministry and how God is saving souls, restoring marriages, healing hearts, transforming lives and setting the captives free. Even so, Sonia, has a close up and personal view of the the obstacles that women in ministry are required to overcome in certain circles.

On May 3, 2018, #BethMoore posted an article on her Living Proof Blog that brings a refreshing cool drink of water to women called to ministry.

Sonia emailed me a copy of Beth's article and as I read it and was refreshed.


Ministry can be lonely, challenging, and complicated in a world that so often discounts the value (and even the calling) of women.

Thank you Beth Moore for your honesty and your gift to all of us females who have been called by God.

Here is the link to her article.

A Letter to My Brothers

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