Thursday, March 29, 2018

Choose Life TV - Behind the Scenes

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It’s my calling. 

To set the captives free. 

To advance the Kingdom of God. 

To empower women.

This gig may look glamorous but it comes with great warfare, many obstacles, expensive costs, outstretched faith and perseverance.

Don’t let the enemy fool you. There is a price to pay for the anointing. There is a sacrifice that is made daily to “do” the work of ministry. 

The gospel is free - but, it is often delivered by those who give much.

Thank you for praying about how God might have you support our mission. 

Help us go into American homes who may never have heard the gospel

Perhaps they have heard, but they are desperate for a lifeline of encouragement, mentoring or discipleship.

Many people suffer in silent hopelessness.

Most Americans have at least one television. 

I believe, as suffering humanity surfs the television channels looking for a fix, God's grace will land them on programs like Choose Life - where He can heal their wounded, weary soul.

Change your community.

Make this world a safer place to live.

Save souls.

It's time that Christians occupy the airwaves.

It's time we take back what the enemy has stolen.

Come Partner with Us! $5 - $10 - $25 - $50?

Thank you so much!



Guests: Dr. Deborah Harrell Isom; Dr. Aimee Clute; Brittney Graham

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