Monday, July 10, 2017

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Do you seem to be at a plateau?

Wondering WHY you are stuck at a certain level?

It's time to BE INTENTIONAL......


Deborah Ross and Robin Bertram are inspiring, equipping and cultivating Kingdom professionals through quarterly seminars and yearly conferences with expanded opportunities through bureau listings, networking, affiliations and teams.


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1) Success Weekend - Full Day and Full 1/2 Day of training from Robin Bertram and Deborah Ross (see schedule below)

2) Two Hour Phone/Zoom/Face time Consultation After the initial Weekend Seminar (1 hour with Robin & 1 hour with Deborah)

3) One Free Year Listing on the Remnant Speakers website (upon approval)

4) Radio Interviews (from our PDF / handouts)

5) TV Interviews (from our PDF / handouts)

6) Resource PDF's

7) Get your book introduced to an agent (no guarantees that you will get signed)

8) Get FREE PRODUCT from Robin Bertram and Deborah Ross

9) 15% Discount on a brand new DRM Christian Website =

10) 10% Discount for One Year with The Pic Ninja =

11) Opportunity to take continuing classes and specialty seminars with Bertram & Ross Consulting at a huge discount

12) Opportunity for TV/ Radio placements for a fee – upon approval.

13) SPEAKER TRAIN: Opportunity to apply for the Win-Win Woman2Woman Speaker Team! Our Speaker Team is for selected seminar participants who qualify for benefits of association, affliation, mentorship, advertising, promotion, booking opportunities, additional free B & R Seminars, marketing and branding. The Woman2Woman Speaker Team member maintains their own ministry with their own vision and mission. The Woman2Woman Speaker Team is not an agency; but rather, a ministry outeach that is made up of selected Elite Members who covenant to work together in Reaching, Teaching and Keeping Women's for God's Glory.


What Is It About?

Take your ministry to the next level.

Gain years of knowledge, contact information, how to, do's and don'ts, experience and wisdom in one weekend!

1) Business/Ministry Set-Up and Focus

2) Define (your message, motive, purpose, vision, and mission)

3) Refine (style, image, couture, makeup, and hair)

4) Branding/Marketing/Website

5) Social Media – Proven techniques to cost effectively drive followers and engagements.

6) Radio/Television

7) Writing and Publishing

8) Speaking Protocol (Why, How, What, When)

9) Get Booked! Get Paid.

10) Role Play and Critique (Becoming YOUR best YOU!)



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