Wednesday, January 14, 2015

God's Love for Me!

Comforting Meditation of God's Love

He lifts me up when I am feeling down. 

He carries me through trials. 

He makes my weaknesses seem strong. 

He protects me from harm. 

He puts kind words and thoughts in me and then cleans up verbal messes that I unknowingly make. 

He causes my enemies to scatter. 

He gives me favor. 

He gives me joy. 

He gives me peace. 

He gives me hope. 

He gives me vision. 

He loves my crazy faith (no matter how ridiculous I may seem to some). 

He orders my steps (even when I might "think" I'm in charge). 

He opens doors (of opportunity & blessing) that no man can shut. 

He closes doors (of trouble) that no man can open.

He surrounds me with loving kindness. 

He will never leave me. 

He will never forsake me. 

He is "for" me. He is not against me. 

He is my Daddy. 

He is my breath. 

No matter what comes my way, I can always fall into His arms of safety and trust Him for a way of escape. 

If there is anything about me that annoys someone else, He actually smiles... because He made me that way. 

He catches every tear that I cry. 

He comforts me.

He corrects me with gentle, loving kindness. 

He will even spank me if I am outright disobedient. 

He has good plans for me. 

He sees me as perfect! 

He loves me!

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