Monday, November 18, 2013

All Sin is NOT the Same!

*Some sin(s) will thwart or ruin your destiny

*Some sin(s) will destroy your health (diseases & sickness)

*Some sin(s) will destroy your relationships

*Some sin(s) will kill you

*Some sin(s) will cause you to have a bad reputation

*Some sin(s) will hurt people who love you most 

*Some sin(s) will cause you to feel bad about yourself (insecure)

*Some sin(s) put you into financial bondage

*Some sin(s) leave a big scar that can never be removed

*The list goes on...

The reason God hates sin is because SIN HURTS PEOPLE!

Jesus paid the price for us to live VICTORIOUSLY over sin.

Through Christ, sin no longer has a hold on us.

Sin always has consequences.

It's not about finding loop-holes for making it into heaven, it's about LIVING a victorious life on earth and DOING the will of God!

We SHOULD NOT judge people who are broken and in sin. 

We SHOULD judge sin because sin hurts people.

We SHOULD NOT entangle ourselves with sinners who would influence us to do things we shouldn't do.

We SHOULD WANT to live in the blessing of God, and the blessing is only granted to those who are obedient to His Word.

Sure, we could practice certain sins and still make it into heaven, BUT we SHOULD NOT want to live a crippled life on earth... we SHOULD want to live victoriously!

When we minister to people who live in sin, we SHOULD NOT join their sin.

We SHOULD NOT allow those who practice sin to speak into our lives.

Christians should NEVER be bent on living a sinful life because they feel that all sin is the same.

Read Deuteronomy 28 (Entire) and Deuteronomy 30:19-20 - Life is about CHOICES!


Now, go... and sin no more! - John 8:11

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