Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prayer for Ministry

There is nothing like friends who love the Lord with all of their heart and have a deep knowledge of His Word.  I love it when these cherished friends take time out to bless you... just because!  Patricia Shankle is one of those awesome women of God who blesses my socks off.

You may know Patricia, already.  She and her husband, Randy Shankle, travel the country preaching the gospel and promoting their new book, The Protector: The Randy Shankle Story.  The Shankle's have recently been featured on the 700 Club, as well.

Patricia is a new member of the DRM Board.  The beautiful prayer (below) is something that she dropped in my facebook mailbox the other day.  As you read this prayer of encouragement, take it for yourself, too.  Let the words of this ordained minister speak to your soul as YOU take hold of the promises of God for your ministry, job, family, and life. 

Note from Patricia:

"I have been praying specifically for you and your ministry lately. I am believing God to advance and enable you through His Spirit, where there is no doubt to anyone of WHO is in charge. I pray, and I know you want this, that HIS GLORY will radiate through your words, song, etc. and that hearts will be pierced by His Spirit and they will know it is Jesus that they hunger for. That you will be used mightily in this present hour and that thousands will hear the message of hope and grace through your person and ministry. Not by our might or by our power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord. He will accomplish what He has set forth to do! He has called, He has chosen, He has anointed, He has appointed. He that has begun a good work in you, will not only watch over HIS WORD, but He will perform it, perfect it, bring it to pass, finish it! In the meantime.......just shout for joy because your redemption is drawing near to seeing these things coming to fruition. His mighty invisible hand is moving in the unseen realms, but the wheels are turning and this day you ARE going forward! The best is yet to be! Blessings and much love." - Patricia Shankle 


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