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2 Chronicles 14, 15, 16


Dear Beautiful Women of God:

2 Chronicles has been in my reading, as well as on my mind and heart, for over a month and I wanted to share some of my personal revelations with you - from a few chapters in God's Word.

Before you read this blog, it would be a good idea to read 2 Chronicles 14, 15, and 16. I will be sharing my study from the passages contained in these chapters.

Let's begin in Chapter 14 where Asa becomes the King of Judah. Notice verse 2, which says, "Asa did that which was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God:". KJV

Because of God's favor upon Asa, his army of less than five-hundred thousand men defeated an Ethiopian army of over one million soldiers along with three thousand chariots. As Asa put all of his trust in the Lord, God was faithful to go before him, destroying all enemies who threatened Asa's kingdom.

The key to Asa's victory is found in verse 11 of Chapter 14. It is here we see where Asa "…cried unto the Lord his God, and said, Lord, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O Lord our God: for we rest on thee, and in thy name we go against his multitude. O Lord, thou art our God: let not man prevail against thee." KJV

As Asa continues in his reign all through Chapter 15, he is diligent to seek after the Lord. The prophet Azariah tells him to always put God first and things will go well. The prophet goes on to warn Asa that should he forsake the Lord, God would forsake him (15:2).

Once again, in Chapter 16, Asa is confronted with a hostile enemy. It seems the King of Israel, named Baasha, was building a wall to keep the people of Judah from their own property. For some reason Asa decides to take matters into his own hands. Instead of seeking God for deliverance, he goes to the King of Syria, named Ben-hadad, for help. Even though Asa and the King of Syria were successful in getting this land back, God was not pleased with Asa, at all. The Lord then sends a prophet to tell Asa that the kingdom of Judah would have wars from now on, because of his hasty decision to fix his problems himself.

Well, Asa was furious with the man of God and threw him into jail. I think God would have been forgiving to Asa had he repented of his sin, but instead, Asa moves in the arm of the flesh and throws a tantrum. So, God allows a disease to come to Asa's feet. In verse 12, we see that Asa still did not seek the Lord. The scripture says, "… yet in his disease he sought not to the Lord, but to the physicians." I found this VERY INTERESTING.

You know, Asa was a good king who sought after the Lord for over thirty-six years of his reign. Did Asa grow complacent with God? I noticed that in 15:19 the bible says he had no more wars in his reign as King until the thirty-fifth year. Perhaps Asa began to take God for granted. Whatever the reason, Asa did not finish his race well.

Ladies, I pray that you and I finish what God has started in our lives. I pray that we do not grow either complacent or weary in well -doing. May you be strengthened today as I have been in studying God's Word, knowing that He has empowered US with His precious Holy Spirit to FINISH THE RACE. No matter what challenges life may throw at us, we are well equipped and able to be more than a conqueror, because the Lord will fight for us… if we truly seek Him with all of our hearts.

I pray that our ears will be open to hear the Word of the Lord and to ACT upon His Word with FAITH and PERSEVERANCE.

What is your struggle today? Will you give it to the Lord and TRUST Him for the victory? He is able AND He is willing! Are you convinced of His love for you? He loves you and wants to show Himself strong on your behalf, so give it to Him. Don't take it back just because the enemy keeps pounding at your door. Trust God. In His time… you WILL SEE HIS DELIVERANCE!

Below is Chapter 16 from the Amplified Bible. Enjoy, and have a wonderful day!

In Christ,
Deborah Ross

Deborah Ross Ministries

2 Chronicles 16

1"IN THE thirty-sixth year of Asa's reign, Baasha king of Israel came up against Judah, and built (fortified) Ramah intending to intercept anyone going out or coming in to Asa king of Judah.
2Then Asa brought silver and gold out of the treasuries of the house of the Lord and of the king's house and sent them to Ben-hadad king of Syria, who dwelt at Damascus, saying,
3Let there be a league between me and you, as was between my father and your father. Behold, I am sending you silver and gold; go, break your league with Baasha king of Israel, that he may withdraw from me.
4And Ben-hadad hearkened to King Asa and sent the captains of his armies against the cities of Israel; and they smote Ijon, Dan, Abel-maim, and all the store cities of Naphtali.
5And when Baasha heard it, he stopped building Ramah and let his work cease.
6Then King Asa took all Judah, and they carried away the stones of Ramah and its timber with which Baasha had been building, and with them he built Geba and Mizpah.
7At that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah and said to him, Because you relied on the king of Syria and not on the Lord your God, the army of the king of Syria has escaped you.
8Were not the Ethiopians and Libyans a huge host with very many chariots and horsemen? Yet because you relied then on the Lord, He gave them into your hand.
9For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are blameless toward Him. You have done foolishly in this; therefore, from now on you shall have wars.
10Then Asa was angry with the seer and put him in prison [in the stocks], for he was enraged with him because of this. Asa oppressed some of the people at the same time.
11The acts of Asa, from first to last, are written in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel.
12In the thirty-ninth year of his reign Asa was diseased in his feet--until his disease became very severe; yet in his disease he did not seek the Lord, but relied on the physicians.
13And Asa slept with his fathers, dying in the forty-first year of his reign.
14And they buried him in his own tomb which he had hewn out for himself in the City of David, and they laid him on a bier which was filled with sweet odors and various kinds [of spices] prepared by the perfumers' art; and they made a very great burning [of spices] in his honor."

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